Women of Modern Hockey

While the NHL is in some turmoil around commissioner Gary Bettman the rest of the NHL celebrates women and diversity. Women of color are getting their chance to shine and not only in the NHL.

Women are becoming a part of the NHL just like men. They are getting opportunities to show they belong, regardless of what obstacles are put in their way.

Caley chelios is a radio analyst for the Tampa Bay Lightning,  Haley wickenheiser is the Assistant Director of Player Development for the NHL Toronto Maple Leafs. Kim Davis world for the NHL as an Executive Vice President, Social Growth, and Growth Iniciatives.

Heidi browning is the NHL Chief Marketing Officer,  Kim pegula is the owner of the Buffalo Sabres, while  Kathryn Tappen is a very successful NBC broadcaster.

Aimee Kimball is the Director of Team and Player Development for the New Jersey Devils,  Katie Guay is a referee, and Kelsey Koelzer is the first-ever black female head coach for Arcadia University women’s hockey team.

As you can see women are getting the same, equal chances that men are. Women and women of color are finally being recognized as ambassadors in the sport of hockey.

Also of note that these women mentioned above are being hired for different positions in hockey. From officials to player development there is not a position in hockey these women cannot handle.

This should be a positive sign for younger females and females of color. Your sex and color do not matter, if you are qualified then you just may get that job you want.

Women are finally being treated as equals in a sport that was generally run by men.  They are giving all they have and letting their voices be heard by millions.

The sport of hockey is better with women in it because we hear a different perspective. They now can voice their opinions and be heard.

With this movement of more women in hockey we wonder what is next for these females. Is it head coach or could it even be NHL player?

Regardless of the answer the women getting more opportunities is a huge step for hockey in general.  With these new appointed roles these women will flourish in their new roles, while presenting a new, brighter future for women of the future.

We should all embrace what is happening. These could be the first steps in something hide that could turn hockey upside down.

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