WNIHL: u16 girls schedule completes fixture calendar for new season

August 24, 2019

The WNIHL are pleased to release the fixtures for the U16 Girls divisions of the Women’s National Ice Hockey League for season 2019/20.

As in previous  seasons, the league is split into a north and a south section.  Milton Keynes are sadly not icing an u16 team this season so there are three teams in the South РBracknell, Swindon and Haringey.

We are delighted to welcome Manchester Storm u16 girls to the north section for the first time, giving four teams in the North – Sheffield, Kingston, Nottingham and Manchester.

In addition to the play in their division there will be cross-division challenge games throughout the season.

The two respective division winners will meet at WNIHL Trophy Weekend in Sheffield on May 31 for the National Championship game.


Sheffield v Kingston – September 14

Swindon v Bracknell – September 15

Kingston v Manchester – September 29

Manchester v Nottingham – October 12

Bracknell v Swindon – November 3

Nottingham v Kingston – December 8

Haringey v Swindon – January 19


Click here to see the full schedule for WNIHL U16 division.

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