Wilds first ever Trials

StatementOn Thursday night, Silver-Blades Ice Rink in Widnes held it’s first ever trials for the Wild. A good mix on the ice presented us with some recreation players, four netminders, 5 foreign players, NIHL2 regulars, and ofcourse, the initial Wild signings.

Mark Gillingham, the Wilds head coach, led his team of trialists onto ice and the started with some short sprints which tested the players fitness, speed and agility on the ice. It quickly became evident that alot of players need to raise their fitness if they want to be a part of the Wild team. The aspiring Wild Ones then moved onto drills, followed by a 40-minute game for everyone to finally show what they’re bringing to the table.

Speaking after the trials, Mark Gillingham said;

It was the first of the trials we’ve run, and a lot of the players that came down were coming in having really just been on the ice to stretch their legs for the last couple of months, I was really impressed with what I saw out there. There were a few new faces as well, that we hadn’t seen at the open sessions, and some of them made a very good first impression. Some of the players we’ve seen a lot of are starting to gel and are getting more comfortable in their surroundings too, so although we’ve still got a lot of decisions to make, the foundations are definitely looking very solid.

Mick Caunce also took time to speak on the trials and potential signings;

It was a good turn out and a few players had let me know they could not make it this week! We look like we have two import slots filled if we can raise the funds for there ITC’s and we should be in a position to announce a few more players after next week.

Bobby Caunce was absent from the session with a strain which he picked up on duty for Roller Hockey team, Fylde Flyers. Mick Caunce, Wild Manager and Bobby’s father assured us it’s nothing major.

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