Wightlink Raiders Statement

rydearena_061016The Invicta Dynamos are aware of current developments regarding Ryde Arena’s immediate closure due to a financial dispute between Ryde Arena Limited and landlord AEW Europe / BNY Mellon Trust & Depository (UK) Limited.

The Dynamos have been, and continue to be, in discussions with both the Wightlink Raiders and the EIHA. This is an ongoing situation and at this time we are unable to confirm that next weekend’s away fixture on the Isle of Wight will go ahead as scheduled.

With this in mind we would advise our supporters to hold making any travel plans for our game on Saturday 15th October until all parties involved are in a position to better clarify the situation to avoid potentially being out of pocket.

The Wightlink Raiders are one of the league’s toughest opponents and one of the most anticipated games on our fixture list and with that in mind all the players and staff at the Dynamos would like to extend our best wishes and support to those at the club. Like the rest of the hockey family we hope for a speedy resolution that sees the Raiders back on the ice as soon as possible.

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