Webster moves on

We all know what a fast moving sport this can be and it’s a major part of why we follow the game. It’s also a sport where you need to take the opportunities that arise, especially as a developing player.
On that note we are disappointed to learn that Mason Webster will not be icing for the Raiders this season. Announced as a Raiders newcomer around 6 weeks ago, Mason has been offered a role within a team in the EPL, the league in which he played last season.
Whilst the management are, and players and fans are bound to be, disappointed by his change of mind, we are also mindful of the opportunity this offers Mason to challenge himself, develop and assess his future aspirations.
We believed this would be a season for Mason to prove with us the skills he has beyond the physical reputation he has developed. We part company on good terms naturally and wish him well back in the EPL
In Mason’s absence of course we will re-commence actively recruiting, so players that realistically feel they can enjoy being part of and add to what we are assembling, are encouraged to contact the Raiders coaching and management staff.
On a different note, thanks are again extended to the team of volunteers doing such a great job behind the scenes already this season, with sponsorship, shirt designs, event organising etc etc already under way. Also thanks to those providing the sponsorship and pledges. Whilst there is no need, I shall repeat that without your support the clockwork mechanism that is the Raiders organisation doesn’t even get its mainspring tightened (or battery charged for you kids of the digital age)

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