Trials: Time To Go Wild

StatementSenior team trials are set to start on the 6th June for the first time ever at Widnes Wild and we’re looking forward to it!

The home of the Wild, Silver-Blades based on the Hive Leisure Park, will be playing host for the first time to trialists from recreation level players to NIHL regulars. As a general pre-season activity for all teams it’s generally backed up with tweets or status reminders about times. For all at Wild who are seeing the effort going into starting this team, and the passion spoken by the staff involved it’s an exciting prospect on the horizon to see who will show up over the course of the month. We managed to grab some time with Mark Gillingham to speak about the upcoming trials.

The trials will really set the tone for the season ahead, as well as seasons to come. The arena management have set their stall out quite clearly, in which they want a team that’s going to compete at the top end of the league table, and that matches our goals, so that’s what we’ll be looking for. Personally, I’m going to be looking for a strong skating squad, with the speed to match any team we come up against. Skating is the basic foundation of our sport, so the stronger that is, the more easily we will be able to match opponents. I also thinks it’s important to have a healthy mix of experience and youth in the team. As important as youth and energy is to a squad, having a few more experienced heads in the changing room can really level everything out and help re-focus players when the chips are down. Hopefully, we’ll be able to cover all bases. From the talent that’s been on show at our open training sessions, one thing is certain – having the opportunity to pick this team is an exciting prospect.

As a newly-announced Wild one, we also caught up with Calum Ruddick on the trial sessions;

I’m excited for the trials to see who shows up, who i’ve played with and against. I’m very confident Mick and Gilly will put a team together who will work well together on and off the Ice, and i’m looking forward to seeing the eventual team being announced.

If you’re interested in trying out at Widnes Wild, the Trials will take place Silver-Blades Widnes, The Hive Leisure Park, on Thursday 6th June at 20:30pm.

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