Trials night’s start for The Dragons

An excellent first trials night for The Dragons saw over 30 players in attendance, including 5 netminders, all interested in securing a place with the team. Head Coach Gary Shaw was impressed with the numbers, there was  ‘a good tempo, with plenty of people there, a good selection with varied abilities’”  It’s been a while since the players were on the ice, so they need to get back into the rhythm of the training sessions, or as Gary puts it ‘acclimatising  to what he wants’.  There were a few notable absences on the night, with regulars Chris Jones and James Parsons unable to attend, due to family and work commitments, on this occasion.


With 5 netminders, it was good to see Dave Clancy in attendance, to assist Netminder Coach Matty  Compton putting the netminders through their paces,  offering a few tips and suggestions to improve their performance on the ice.  Dave will be assisting Matty, on occasions, fitting in with other commitments, and will bring his wealth of experience and knowledge to help develop the team netminders, alongside Matty, a fellow former Dragons and Freeze player that also played for teams such as the Manchester Storm.


Joining the sessions, to assist with the coaching, will be well known favourites Phil Kennedy and Alan Steele, Phil will be taking the role of Assistance Bench Coach, and Alan will be providing ‘game visualisation’, watching the game from a different vantage point during the game, to provide input to the bench team, during games, to assist with developing play and tactics, as the game progresses.


The bench team of Gary, Matty, Phil, will be joined by Team Manager Bruce Moreton, and Equipment Manager Charles Humphreys, who’s served the team for a number of years, for the forthcoming games in the coming season.

For a first trials night, it was a great turnout, with General Manager Ian Foster looking pleased, as he discussed matters with Dave Clancy.


The next Trials Night is Wednesday July 11th, at 22.30.


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