Tigers to grow business links through Chamber

Telford Tigers have formed a strategic commercial partnership with Shropshire Chamber of Commerce.

Club bosses will work closely with the Chamber team to increase brand awareness of the ice hockey club throughout the Shropshire’s business community.

The deal is part of an initiative by Telford Tigers to expand the club’s commercial operations, ahead of the new English Premier League season.

Matt Bowyer, CEO of Telford Tigers, said: “Shropshire Chamber of Commerce has over 800 member businesses, so I am very keen to work with them and increase our visibility across the county.

“We will be supporting chamber events on a regular basis, including the upcoming Shropshire Business Awards on Friday 24th June. It is all part of Telford Tigers becoming a familiar part of the Shropshire business landscape.

“When I came on board here at the Tigers, one of my first jobs was to review the way we interact with local companies. It immediately became clear that a partnership with Shropshire Chamber of Commerce would be our first priority.”

Telford Tigers will sponsor the Severn Hospice charity card game at the Shropshire Business Awards next month, which are known as the ‘Oscars’ of the local business community.

Mr Bowyer added: “When the opportunity became available to sponsor the Severn Hospice game, we immediately said yes. This is an excellent cause that is close to so many peoples’ hearts.

“I want us to show that Telford Tigers are keen to support good causes through our new partnership with the Shropshire Chamber. This is just the first of many events we will be attending.

“The next few years are going to be incredibly exciting for this club, and I’m keen for the Shropshire business community to share in that. That is what our partnership is all about.”

Chris Jones, Business Development Manager at Shropshire Chamber, explained: “We’re delighted to welcome Telford Tigers on board to the Shropshire Chamber of Commerce and thank them for their sponsorship of the Severn Hospice charity card game taking place at the Shropshire Business Awards later this month.

“We represent such a diverse range of businesses, and we’re looking forward to working with the team at Telford Tigers in the months and years to come.”

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