Tigers paw-ll in the crowds for T-Party

The Tigers joined scores of fans, local businesses – and the famous Rugby World Cup – at T-Party in Telford Town Park on Saturday.

The event saw thousands of people descend on the QEII Arena throughout the afternoon and evening, to celebrate the best that Telford has to offer.

A display of the Tigers’ three trophies – the EPL title, British Challenge Cup and Bradfield Brewery Cup – proved especially popular.

And the appearance of the William Webb Ellis Cup, otherwise known as the Rugby World Cup, added to the razzamatazz of the occasion.

Paul Baker, Director of Red Hockey, was delighted with the turnout.

He said: “Coming to T-Party was a great way of showing people what we do, and to meet local businesses. As a team that is owned by Red Hockey, we have a nationwide reach through our other teams, including Manchester, Deeside and Bracknell.

“But even though we have this reach, we still want to connect with the local community more effectively. The event was a great way for businesses to meet and make connections that they may not have found by other means.

“It was a relaxed environment and everyone had a great day. Our marquee in the park was extremely popular and a lot of visitors were keen to have their photograph taken with us.”

The club also had a display of trophies at Southwater Library, as people flocked to learn more about the history of ice hockey in Telford.

Images from both events were shared on social media throughout the day, increasing traffic to The Tigers’ Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Mr Baker added: “The Tigers were part of a massive push on social media to get people to go the event.

“This not only marketed the event, but also helped us all to form useful partnerships.

“Social media is key to any event of this size, as it’s a great way to connect with people all over the country.

“In the build-up, and while the event was taking place, our social media marketing had a reach of almost 6,000 people.”

The Tigers’ treble of trophies is a key part of this summer’s marketing drive, and other successful businesses are invited to share in those achievements.

“We had a wonderful season last year and it was great to celebrate that with everyone who came to our marquee,” Mr Baker added.

“The T-Party had a superb atmosphere, and there were lots of things to see and do. We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

“We enjoy a great relationship with Telford & Wrekin Council and worked with them on the social media delivery. We engaged with thousands of people promoting all of the businesses, services and musical acts that were a part of the T-Party event.”

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