Tigers on the road to success, says Scholes

Wayne Scholes says the new management team at Telford Tigers will help the club become even more successful on and off the ice.

The boardroom reshuffle has brought on board directors Paul Thomason, Matt Bowyer, Ian Pickup and Hennie Theron.

It is a move that will see quicker decision making around the Tigers, while also receiving support from US-based sponsors.

Mr Scholes said: “This is a massively positive step for Telford Tigers. We felt we needed more local people involved in the management of the Tigers, who can attract better local sponsors, and communicate more effectively.

“This will speed up decision making, as previously we were making decisions in America for a business based in Shropshire. That will help the people here to drive the business forward.

“My role will still be to support Matt, Paul, Ian and Hennie in their endeavours, but they’ll have that ability to make decisions locally.”

Red Hockey became involved with a number of other teams last season, securing the immediate future of those organisations in both in the English Premier League and NIHL.

The newly renamed Telford Ice Sports will be focused chiefly on Telford Tigers – and the club’s development into a major force in British ice hockey.

“The reason why we have changed the name is to bring a better focus to Telford,” Mr Scholes said.

“It is about ice sports in Telford, so the name is perfect for us. Matt is coming in with a huge amount of commercial experience. The circles he moves within include some huge international companies that are based locally.

“The important thing is that we improve on last season. Taking out the league title, it was still our highest finishing position in the last ten years, but I like winning.”

Alongside Matt Bowyer, the other board members are also set to bring crucial commercial experience to the organisation.

Scholes added: “The great thing is that I have a very good working relationship with the directors and I expect great things to come from their management of the club.

“Ian Pickup lives in Telford and was one of my first employees ever, so I trust him a lot. He has increased revenue in his area by over 180 per cent in the last year.

“Hennie, meanwhile, is a long trusted business partner whose job is to offer closer support to the local management team and is a very good person to have on board.

“The good thing is that they are all awesome people, passionate about Telford Tigers. Paul Thomason just bleeds for this club and he’s a Tiger through and through. That’s just what he does.

“Matt comes in dedicated to the success of the club and with the strong relationship that he and Paul have, we are excited for the future.”

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