Tigers NIHL set for changes

Telford Tigers NIHL will have a brand-new look next season, with General Manager Mike Washburn set to take a more hands-on role with the Moralee Conference outfit.

Mr Washburn, who guided the EPL club through its latter days as a fans-run trust, will solely operate and direct the Tigers NIHL – albeit with close links to the senior organisation.

Washburn has been a staunch supporter of ice hockey in Telford, having managed just about every age group in the junior system, and chaired the junior club.

He said: “I’m looking forward to next season, we have learned a lot over the past couple of years.

“It is vitally important that we continue to build a pathway for players to progress from the juniors, through NIHL to the opportunity of pulling a Tigers EPL Jersey.

“Similarly, we will compete this season in our own right.”

Over the last 13 years one of Washurn’s companies, Givara Ltd, has been highly visible in sponsoring ice hockey in Telford every season.

More recently, Givara has been a major sponsor to both the Tigers EPL and Tigers NIHL teams.

Matt Bowyer, CEO of the Telford Tigers organisation, said: “Mike is a very experienced operator when it comes to ice hockey in Telford and is passionate about the success of the Tigers.

“That passion is crucially important for the continued success of our Pathway of Talent. I have every confidence that Mike will build on the last few years of success at Telford Tigers NIHL.

“His undoubted business acumen will also help in making sure Telford Tigers NIHL continue on a firm financial footing for the future.”

The changes in arrangements are effective immediately, with the new Tigers NIHL club due to retain the Telford Tigers name and branding. Further information will be available in due course.

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