Tigers fan Mike snares seat for drum

A Telford Tigers fan will be hoping to ramp up the atmosphere at games next season – after he bought a season ticket for his new 26-inch bass drum.

Mike Holt was a regular sight in the stands at Telford Ice Rink last year, leading chants with his smaller 14” drum, during Tigers matches.

But after witnessing a rival team bring their own drums to a game, he decided to go one better – and find a bigger, louder drum.

With it’s own seat, of course.

He said: “Every ice hockey game needs atmosphere and it’s one of the things people love about the sport, especially here in Telford.

“It’s a big drum, the seat space is tight, and we didn’t want to stand, so it was a case of buying a seat to secure the drum. That way, we know it’s got a seat as much I have.

“I had a drum last year and it was an important part of the games for me. But when another team came to the rink with bigger drums, they sounded awesome.

“The aim for me is to re-create that atmosphere every week, so we can help spur the team onto bigger and better things.

“My sister thinks I am crazy and my wife thinks pretty much the same thing! But as the crowds keep growing, I want to make sure I’m upstairs in the seats, where I can help to generate a good atmosphere.”

Mr Holt launched a crowdfunding page earlier this summer to fund the drum, with attendances at games expected to break the 1,000-barrier on a regular basis.

He added: “It’s a marching bass drum and unfortunately, I wasn‘t in the position to buy it by myself at the time.

“So I started a crowdfunding page and the other fans were really generous, along with a local company, Acute Pest Control, who put in the rest of the money.

“A group of fans are going to get together this month and we’ll have a few more drums. The idea is to come up with chants and make next season really special.”

Mr Holt has been a Tigers fan since 2012 and was inspired to bring a drum when he heard of the club through a friend – despite previously supporting another English Premier League side.

“This will be our fourth season supporting the Tigers and I used to watch the Bison when I live in Basingstoke,” he said.

“Someone mentioned the Tigers to me, we came one week and straight away decided this was a wonderful way to spend our Sunday evenings.

“Having the drum is all about generating noise and making sure it travels across the rink, so the team can feel it on the ice.

“I like being noisy and creating a good atmosphere. A drum like this one is a really good way of doing that.”

Telford Tigers fans have until the end of July 1st to secure their season tickets at the reduced ‘early bird’ price. For details, go to www.tigershockeyuk.com, or email contact@telfordtigers.co.uk.

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