The Legend is Back

SPH_4707In the brief history of the Widnes Wild there has been a key player every season.  The player prepared to stick up for his team mates even against people twice his size, who’s been prepared to do the dirty jobs no-one else wanted to do and who quiet literally have given his blood, sweat and tears for the Wild.  A player who has actually had part of a RTL Widnes Wild promotional video made about him due to his unique world perspective.

DSC_1612That player is the legendary Chris Preston.  Having played for the Wild from day 1 Chris has worn the Wild shirt 77 times and is a key part of the success of the Wild.

Matt Lloyd, Wild Chair said,

“I don’t get involved in signings but every season Chris is the name I look for first on the team sheet.  For me he signifies what the Wild should be about; passion, guts and a never say die attitude”.

“There have been many great memories in the short history of the Wild however I don’t think anyone who watched Chris take on Mike Jones in our first ever home game against Deeside will ever forget it.  In that one instance it was clear that the Wild had a player in Chris who wore his heart on his sleeve and who would give everything for the team regardless of the consequences.”

For those who weren’t there to see it the incident is at 4:20 and can be found here;

Such is the popularity of Chris is that his home and away shirts have already been owned ‘n’ loaned.  His warm-up shirt is available to own ‘n’ loan for just £60.

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