Telford Tigers statement regarding EPIHL play-offs

Telford Tigers would like to say they do not accept the proposal to exclude the team from this season’s EPIHL play-offs.

The club is in discussions with league representatives, including EIHA chairman Ken Taggart, to have this exclusion rescinded.

This proposal is not within the rules of competition for the EPIHL, and the league has no power to unilaterally exclude a team, from the play-off competition.

The rules expressly mandate that the play-off invitations are determined by final league position. Telford Tigers are currently top of the English Premier League.

It is clear that the proposal is unlawful as discriminatory and breaches the agreement consented to by each league team.

As a club, we will be using every avenue available to us, to make sure Telford Tigers participate in the end of season play-offs.

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