#TeamStripes – You Make The Call – Week 8

November 20, 2018

Welcome back to YMTC! where once again we take a look into the world of the ice hockey rulebook.

The next Level 1 course for new officials is fast approaching – December 1 in Aberdeen.  There’s also January 12 in Sheffield and February 24 in Fife – and we’d love to have dozens of more members join the fastest growing team in the UK – #TeamStripes.  Check out the EIHA website article for full details on how to book a place on the courses.

Answers to Last Weeks’ Rules Quiz

Question 1:
The linesman has made an in-correct icing call. Where should the face-off be taken?
At centre ice.
Rule 66 part viii: If the on-ice officials have erred in calling an icing ,the ensuing face-off will take place at the centre-ice face-off spot.
Question 2:
The puck is shot down the ice and a potential icing is going to be called. The puck deflects off an on-ice official and then continues down over the goal line. Is this icing still called?
Rule 66 part vi: If the puck hits an on-ice official on its way down the ice, the icing will still be in effect. If, by virtue of hitting an on-ice official, the puck slows down and does not cross the icing line, the icing will be nullified.
Question 3:
A player has one skate in the neutral zone and one skate on the blue line at the instant that the puck completely crosses the blue line, going into the end zone. Is it Offside?
Rule 78 part viii: To be on side, a skater may have one skate inside the blue line as long as one is on or outside the blue line touching the ice.

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This Week’s Rules Quiz

Answers are provided next week

Question 1:
A goalie, is assessed a 2+10. How many players sit the goaltender’s penalties?

Question 2:
Is icing called if a goaltender is out of his crease when the other team ice the puck and when he realises it is icing, he skates back towards his goal crease?

Question 3:
A goaltender is assessed a minor penalty for slashing, and at the same stoppage receives a second minor penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct in a different incident. How many players are put into the box to serve the goaltender’s penalty?


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