#TeamStripes – You Make The Call, week 6

October 19, 2018

It’s time once again to don the black & white stripey sweater and look at the world of the ice hockey rule book with ‘You Make The Call’.

This week, IHUK Referee Section announced three more Level 1 courses for new officials – December 1 Aberdeen, January 12 Sheffield, February 24 Fife – and would love to have dozens of more members join the fastest growing team in the UK – #TeamStripes.  Check out the EIHA website article for full details on how to book a place.

Also IHUK confirmed that 12 UK officials have been given an IIHF World Championship assignment this coming international season.  Congratulations to them all.  You can see the full list by clicking here.

Answers to Last Weeks’ Rules Quiz

Question 1:
A team official who is involved in a fight should be assessed what penalty/penalties?
Game Misconduct or a Match Penalty.
Rule 141 vii A team official who is involved in a fight, on ice or off, will be assessed either a game-misconduct or a match penalty.
Question 2:
If a player refuses to surrender a stick for measurement when requested by the referee or he destroys it what penalty should be assessed?
Minor plus a misconduct penalty.
Rule 147 V If a player refuses to surrender his stick or destroys his stick or any part of his equipment for measurement when requested to do so bey the referee, this equipment will be regarded as illegal and the player will be assessed a minor and misconduct penalty
Question 3:
A player makes physical contact with an opponent after the whistle has been blown and there was sufficient time to avoid contact – what penalty should be called – Interference, Roughing or Charging?
Rule 122ii A Player who makes physical contact with an opponent after the whistle has been blown but had sufficient time to avoid such contact will be assessed a minor penalty for charging

Why not join in the conversation about You Make The Call each week on our social media – there’s a thread on EIHA Facebook and Twitter each week when we post the questions. Give us your thoughts and pose your own questions that you would like to see get the #TeamStripes treatment.

This Week’s Rules Quiz

Answers are provided next week

Question 1:
If a Team A player is guilty of an intentional offside, where is the resulting face off?

Question 2:
A player makes a move to butt-end an opponent but misses the player and does not make contact. What is the correct call?

Question 3:
A player who recklessly endangers a player by “Checking from Behind” an opponent should be assessed what penalty / penalties?


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