Taylor made for seventh year at Tigers

Adam Taylor will embark on his seventh consecutive year with Telford Tigers next season, when he takes up a full-time post with the English Premier League outfit.

The 22-year-old forward spent part of the previous campaign with Telford’s NIHL side, only taking up a place in the senior Tigers line-up on 31 occasions.

But after impressing with 27 points in just 20 NIHL games last year, head coach Tom Watkins has handed Taylor a permanent spot in his EPL squad.

He said: “Adam is only 22, but he’s played with us for a long time and deserves his chance to play full time in the EPL side.

“He has a lot of speed, which is the one thing that sets him apart both on this team, and others across the league.

“Once he gets the puck moving he can be very difficult to play against. He’s a steady guy who can move up and down the lines with ease.”

Taylor’s shortened run in the EPL side last season did, however, offer an improved return of eight points in those 31 matches.

And Watkins expects the Telford-trained sniper to benefit even further from a full-time spot at the higher level.

He said: “Last year was tough for Adam, when he moved between the two teams quite a lot. It was frustrating for him at times, which I can appreciate.

“Next season Adam will have the added benefit of being around the EPL squad all the time. It would have been hard for him to develop when he was switching teams most weeks.

“I would like to see him take more advantage of the scoring opportunities he created for both himself and his team-mates. That will come for him next season.

“Adam finishes his hits very well for a guy who isn’t built massively. If he can improve his strength and shooting, then he’ll certainly improve his offensive output.”

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