Taylor conjures up NIHL role with Tigers

Adam Taylor will become a senior Tigers NIHL player next season, after agreeing terms on a new one-year deal with the Shropshire club.

Taylor, 21, spent the majority of his formative years within Telford’s junior system, before starting his senior career in the town five years ago.

That move saw the young striker form a key part of The Tigers’ EPL home grown contingent, while also contributing in part for the NIHL side last season.

He will now be part of a squad that Tigers Head Coach Tom Watkins wants to use for both senior sides, as he looks to build on a successful year for the club.

Watkins said: “Adam is a Telford Tigers player, and will play a big part in both the EPL and NIHL set-ups. There will be plenty of opportunity for players from within the NIHL squad at the right times.

“His role means he will be a go to guy in the NIHL side, and a lot will be expected from him at that level. Adam is a very skillful player, he’s smart, and the main point is that he’ll be playing a lot more next year.”

Taylor’s spell with the NIHL side last season – albeit short – saw him collect six points in just two games, while during previous year, he struck five times in just one match.

That record marks him out as a potential top scorer in the Moralee Conference, although he will also remain available for duty with the EPL squad.

Watkins added: “If you look back at last season, there were times when some guys weren’t getting a lot of chances to play, for one reason or another.

“The good thing about the Moralee Conference is that it’s a closer level to the EPL. That means guys will get a chance to stay at their peak physically, and with good confidence levels.

“This is in no way a negative move for Adam, this is as an opportunity for both us and him to maximize his potential.”

Mike Washburn, General Manager of The Tigers NIHL, added: “I have watched Adam over many years through both the junior and senior ice hockey systems – he is a real quality impact player.

“I’m looking forward to his contribution to the Tigers NIHL roster and I have no doubt that he will be well within the points mix as the season progresses.

“He is a great guy and I’m really pleased that he is on board with us for the forthcoming campaign.”

Paul Baker, Director of Red Hockey, is looking forward to seeing Taylor benefit from the extra ice time.

He said: “We want our people to be the best on the ice, as well as off it.

“We invest in every single aspect of any individual that is employed by the company, we love our people and want to see them succeed. This is why our Pathway to Talent Programme is fundamental to how we achieve our goals.

“Adam Taylor is a good, grounded young man who has some serious talent. He’s someone that we want to see grow and develop, and become the best he can.

“I believe that Red Hockey has the best person in the country to help develop his skills and character as an ice hockey player in Tom Watkins.”

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