Sunday’s 50/50 And Shirt Off The Back Winning Numbers

We would like to apologise for the delay in administering the 50/50 and Shirt Off The Back raffles on Sunday 8th January and the inconvenience caused for both Giants and Sheffield Steelers fans who purchased tickets.

Due to a technical fault one of our selling devices was unable to update the sold raffle numbers. In the interest of fairness to everyone who took part we were unable to draw the winning numbers until all purchased numbers were considered in the draw.

We have been working with our technology partner to rectify the issue and despite the unfortunate delay we can confirm that we have now been able to fairly administer the draw and select the winning numbers which are as follows:

50/50 winning number is 16349.

The winner takes home half of the evenings prize fund and a cheque for £1,051.

Shirt Off The Back winning number is 15546.

The winner takes home the game worn home jersey of Giants forward 91 David Rutherford.

If you are lucky enough to have a winning ticket please make contact with James Glover at the Giants office by calling 028 9046 0044 (option 3) or email

Once again we would like to apologise for the delay in publishing the winning numbers and would like to thank everyone who participated in both raffles.

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