Summer French Hockey Camp – Saint Gervais – Juillet 2016


I allows me to send you, as attachment, the information leaflet on Saint (click here for pdf)

Gervais’s summer camp ( France)  organized every month of July for 25 years

on Saint Gervais or we welcome, every year, children of all France and

several foreign countries as Swiss.

This year, our camps will take place from Sunday, 10 till Saturday, July

30th (Session of one week).

We have a web site or all the information is available:

Could be crossed(spent) this plaque of information and this link of our site

to the parents(relatives) of your club or the category which you manage if

it can interest children to participate in it.

I am at the disposal of all the parents(relatives) to answer their possible


Thank you very much of your collaboration and the continuation which you

will give to this e-mail

Very cordially


Director(Manager) Hockey Saint-Gervais school

Trainer Minor Hockey of the Dukes of Angers

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