Stars Switch Ends!

Stars switch ends

Oxford City Stars today announced that after consultation with its Fans, Players, Coaches,  The English Ice Hockey Association and Oxford Ice Rink, it will switch its starting home end for the 2016/17 season.   Stars have always commenced their matches facing towards the windowed end of Oxford Ice Rink.  With an Ice Hockey match being split in 3 periods of 20minutes, this has always meant that Oxford have only traditionally shot towards their fans for 1/3 of the game.

The Oxford City Stars will remain in the home dressing room at the rink but will swap benches, penalty box and starting ice position, ensuring the majority of fans enjoy 2 periods of Oxford attacking towards their own supporters rather than an empty window.

Coach Simon Anderson said “I’m excited by the prospect of us shooting towards our own fans for more of the game, they can be a noisy bunch and the pressure that puts on the opposition defence and netminder will benefit the team”

Oxford City Stars have ensured a process for the two sets of players to visit their dressing rooms without any increased fear of a flashpoint – Stars Director and Ex-Player James Schall added “ I don’t know why Oxford originally set up this way but as a player its always seemed a bit weird that we’ve shot towards the window end for 2/3rds of the game. Previous Stars owners have had this idea but we really wanted to deliver it as we believe it will really increase enjoyment for our fans in our own rink”


This change will be in place for the opening pre-season friendly (to be announced) at Oxpens, which will also be a match with free entry for all fans.

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