Stars’ Smashing Start Inspires Another Victory

Despite the somewhat unglamorous nature of the temporary ice rink that is home for the Slough Jets for the time being until their new rink opens, the Oxford City Stars didn’t fail to entertain. Slough often put up a tough competition at home, having won 3 home matches in a row before the weekend’s game, but the Stars were able to hit back even harder to walk away with the points and extend their winning streak to 8 games in a row.

The Stars started strong, with good momentum from the initial face-off. However, a matter of minutes into the game, play was stopped as a slap shot from Dom Hopkins went wide of the Jets net and smashed the glass behind it – the placement couldn’t have been any better for shattering it. The match was stopped for a quarter of an hour while the broken glass was cleared up and the new pane was put in to replace it. Once everything was fixed up and ready to go again, both teams returned to the ice and resumed play from where it was left off. Both teams pushed to score the first goal and it was the Starts who got there first. The scoring for the evening was opened by Kamil Kinkor, who also went on to score a further 3 goals throughout the night, and assisted by Jake Florey. The play went from end to end for pretty much the rest of the period until the Jets scored their first goal during the 15th minute. This was scored by Lukas Smital, assisted by Craig Cowell and Simon Griffiths. The Stars answered it straight away with a goal from Joe Edwards and Kamil Kinkor.

The scoring for the second period followed a push and shove pattern as Oxford scored, Slough scored and then Oxford scored twice after that. Kamil Kinkor was the one to score the first 2 of those 3 aforementioned Oxford goals; the assists came from Joe Edwards and Dom Hopkins on former one and Alex Staples for the latter one, which was also a short-handed goal. Slough’s second goal was netted by Timo Lindgren and assisted by Nathan Darmanin. Oxford’s fifth goal, the final one of the period, was the result of some superb work, passing the puck back and forth, from Dom Hopkins and Dax Hedges, with Hopkins being the one who tucked it in behind Chris Douglas in the Slough net.

The third and final period saw the Stars sweep up as they scored almost half of their total goals within the space of the final 20 minutes. Slough were unable to score any more goals as the Starts pushed and pushed to dominate the last section of the game. Oxford scored a further 4 goals. Kamil Kinkor scored his impressive 4th goal, while Josh Oliver, Jason Ikin and Matt Lawday all put their names on the game sheet too. Ikin also assisted on the first and second goals of the period; Conor Redmond too assisted on the next goal; Joe Edwards assisted on the 3rd goal of the period; Dax Hedges and Mike Whillock were the ones who assisted the concluding goal.

The final score was Oxford City Stars 9 – 2 Slough Jets.

It’s also very much worth mentioning the great travelling support that made their way to Slough to support the Stars as they took another 2 points to add to their total and cheer them on while doing so.

Courtney Millard


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