Stars Hit Double Figures In Swindon Victory!

The Oxford-Swindon rivalry is always a great derby to witness and this past weekend’s match-up wasn’t any different. The first period started off slower than the others, with the second period picking a copious amount of speed in terms of goals tallied up on the score board, finishing with the final period slowing down nicely to bring the match to it’s eventual close. With a 16 goal buster, City Stars fans couldn’t have asked for much of a better result.

The opening period came with 3 goals for the Stars and no goals for the visitors. The first goal of many for the evening came less than half way through the period when Lee Richardson opened the scoring at 5 minutes and 38 seconds into the game; the assists on this goal coming from team captain of the evening, Dax Hedges and youngster Harry Harrison. The Wildcats sought to stop the cascade of the Stars, but despite their best efforts, Oxford continued to fire pucks into the back of the Swindon net. The second and third goals for the home team came within 3 minutes of each other from the well placed shots of Michal Oravec and Matt Lawday. Dax Hedges came up with another assist on the second goal, with Joe Edwards adding the second assist and Tom Davis providing the assist on the final goal of the opening period.

The following period seemed as if the goals would never stop coming, the City Stars scored 7 goals in the short space of 30 minutes and Swindon also netted their first goal of the match as well as their first of the season. The Stars scored their 4th, 5th and 6th goals before Swindon netted their 1st. The Stars goals were scored by Lee Richardson, with his second of the night, Michal Oravec, also with his second goal and an assist on the 6th goal, and Dax Hedges, who too assisted on the 4th goal. The further assists on those goals came from Martyn Gray, Dom Hopkins and Joe Edwards. Eliot Randall, number 72 for the Swindon Wildcats, was the one to score for our rivals from up the A420. Their first goal was scored even handed, unassisted. After this goal, 4more goals were scored by the Stars with Dom Hopkins scoring a goal and assisting on another, Tom Davis, Michal Oravec (completing his hat-trick) and Joe Oliver also scoring the remaining goals of the period. Following up with assists was Joe Oliver, Lee Richardson, Matt Lawday, Max Florey, Conor Redmond and Alex Staples.

After the chuck-a-puck competition took place, it was time to start the final leg of the match by getting underway with the 3rd period. 20 minutes passed and 5 goals were scored, a second went on the board for Swindon while Oxford snatched up a further 4. Swindon’s 2nd goal was sandwhiched between the Stars goals of the period. The first and second goals of the period were scored by Matt Lawday and Dax Hedges for the Stars – assists from Tom Davis, Mac Coppock, Joe Edwards and Jake Florey. Swindon’s second goal happened to be a repeat of their first, once again it was scored unassisted by Eliot Randal. The final 2 goals of the game were scored by Michal Oravec and Will Harrison. Jake Florey, Martyn Gray, Joe Oliver and Joe Edwards all added points to their stats as they all assisted on the final goals.

Everyone listed on the Oxford team list for that evening either assisted or scored a goal, aside from net minders, Milan Ronai and Mark Duffy, who both spent time on the ice against the Swindon Wildcats. Between them they saved 13 out of 15 shot to also aid the landslide victory for the Stars to extend their winning streak to 4.

Courtney Millard

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