Stars Head Coach talks to Oxfordshire Sports Online

Oxford City Stars Head Coach Simon Anderson took a break from training on Wednesday night to talk to Oxfordshire Sports Online, and was in his usual upbeat and positive mood.

Unsurprisingly the discussion started with some frank reflection on last weekend’s double header: “We saw 2 sides of the Oxford City Stars [last weekend]. We need to play better at home, if you’re only going to get 2 points out of 4 and play inconsistently like that, you’ve got to at least win in front of your own fans, or we’re not going to have many people in here”.

Simon conceded that penalties were one of the key issues during Sunday night’s defeat to Solent: “Penalties killed us, we spent way too much time in the box and we need to be smarter. We changed systems, we changed lines to try and get something going, but a 3 or 4 goal deficit against anyone in this league and you’re not coming back. The previous night we were very disciplined, and that’s our benchmark”.

Simon also called on the whole squad to help address the issues of not scoring enough goals in some games: “We’ve got to take our chances, and even when top players aren’t scoring everyone else needs to pick up the slack”.

Talk then turned to the Invicta Dynamos’ game this weekend, “they’re very offensively loaded, and I really like Rehak, he’s scoring for fun at the moment and at crucial times in the big games, that’s what you want your top players to do. But if we win this weekend we’ve won the mini-series [against Invicta] and that’s no mean feat”.

Finally, as is becoming his trademark, Simon signed off with a positive message to Stars fans: “I want to make this team one of the best in the country, that’s my goal as a coach. I’m not here to win a popularity contest, I’m here to make this a winning club – it’s a thankless task, but this is the greatest game in the world. I love to coach and I want this club to be the best, and if I can play a part in achieving that then I’ll be happy”.

You can hear the full interview, and the rest of the Midweek Sports Special, here.

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