Stars Edge Out Guildford For Narrow Victory

Before the Stars even turned up to the Spectrum Centre in Guildford this past weekend, they knew it was going to be a tough test knowing that the Stars first loss of this season was to the Phoenix back in October on home ice. The only other loss of this season so far was the away trip to Gosport, which is the Stars most recent loss also.

All the way from the very first face-off, the game seemed very much like a game of cat and mouse, with each team having their moments of being in control. For the Stars, as well as their fans, it initially didn’t seem hopeful as Guildford put themselves 2 goals up inside the opening 10 minutes of the game. Both of said goals were scored by Haydn Wootton. While being 2 goals down can be slightly disheartening, the Stars kept plugging away until the first goal came with Matt Lawday getting the Stars up on the scoreboard. This, too, is how the goal margin remained until the end of the period.

Returning to the ice for the second period saw the Stars level the score within a mere 2 minutes, this goal was scored by Michal Oravec who executed an excellent wrist shot straight past the Guildford netminder into the back of the net. By the time 5 minutes of the period had passed, the Stars found themselves in the lead as they inched ahead with Tom Davis coming through to score. For the remainder of the period, there was an equal amount of play in each ends of the rink until the Phoenix scored yet again to bring the score up to 3 goals a piece; Luke Tull was the one to score the third goal for Guildford.

Going into the third period with a tied score always makes for an entertaining 20 minutes to end the evening on. With both Oxford and Guildford looking to score first in the final period, the Stars were the ones who netted a goal as a result of a power play opportunity so they could edge back into the winning position. Tom Davis scored this goal as well to make it his second of the evening. While some time did pass between, a mirror situation did occur in that Guildford were able to score from their own power play as Davis sat out for 2 minutes. With this happening with only 6 minutes left on the clock, everyone was very much on the edge of their seat while they watched the reminder of the game unfold before them. Thankfully it wasn’t long before the Stars scored their 5th goal, which acted as the nail in the coffin of them taking 2 points away. This final goal was scored by Dax Hedges. Despite Guildford plugging hard, as well as pulling their goalie in place of a 6th player, the Stars were able to hold on and finished the games with a final score of: Guildford 4 – 5 Oxford.

Courtney Millard

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