Stars bare their buns for Macmillan

This Sunday the Stars will be holding their own Macmillan Coffee evening at the game against Streatham by way of selling cakes to help support this amazing charity after Darryl Morvan, player & coach, and Kirsty Hopgood, team sports therapist, were both diagnosed with cancer in the summer.

Kirsty joined the Stars in 2010 as the teams Sports Therapist when she first graduated and has been with us ever since. Through this role Kirsty had the opportunity to work with England U13s and the GB women’s team. Kirsty was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in her left lower leg, which is a rare type of bone cancer tending to be found in children and young adults.

This cancer is known to be very aggressive and can spread quickly to the lungs. At this moment in time Kirsty is extremely lucky as current scans do not show any evidence of the cancer in other parts of her body so starting treatment as soon as possible for her was key. 

treatment involves wearing a permanent cast to protect the leg from breaking,
and she is undergoing chemotherapy as an in-patient in Birmingham. There a
plans to have a break in treatment while she undergoes surgery to the leg but
overall her treatment will last roughly a year.

Kirsty, back row second from the left and her friends after shaving their heads for charity

Kirsty’s treatment she has remained the most positive of people and when she
decided to shave her hair off rather than wait for it to fall out, 5 of
Kirsty’s friends joined her in shaving their heads to show her the support she

Darryl joined the Stars in 1984 and played for 15 years, reaching captaincy and winning a championship in the 90-91 season. Daryl retired in 1999 and became a coach for the junior club and later on the Stars.

Darryl has had the opportunity to work with South West U15’s and U17’s Conference and GB Women’s U18’s achieving a bronze medal is 2019!
In July 2019 Darryl was diagnosed with Diffuse High Grade B Cell Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. This an aggressive form of lymphoma, which is a cancer of the blood, but is highly treatable, and is currently undergoing chemotherapy at Churchill Hospital.

Darryl says “Although one of the side effects is hair loss – that won’t matter to me much as I didn’t have a lot to start with anyway!”

So far, Macmillan staff have pushed forward urgent appointments, answered countless questions that have been asked, provided endless resources to help understand what will happen during treatment and provided contacts to support with finances. The brilliant thing about Macmillan, as evidenced above, it doesn’t just support one cancer it supports all.

Please join us in supporting this fantastic charity and all the support it provides to those in need.

Support can be in either bringing a cake for us to sell or buying a cake at the game.

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