Spread the Word

Don’t forget to spread the word for Saturday’s game, be there yourself, wear a hockey shirt if you can. With any luck there will be a good showing from the Juniors and they will be running a promotional table, Chiquitos have donated some stick on moustaches, which the fans can ware, we are hoping to do some promotional pictures with the Juniors showing support for the HAWKS charity month with their own stick on MOVEMBER, also with any luck Harry the HAWK will also be there, plus if all goes according to plan a couple of extras.
So go on help spread the world help Derian House and help tell the world about your very own Blackburn HAWKS!!

Don’t forget to bring some change for the Derian House bucket collection!!!!!

And for the first time ever you’ll be able to buy your calenders for next year with your favorite Hawks in it.

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