Sportivate & Girls Ice Hockey #ThisGirlCan

As you know the EIHA has engaged Matt Lloyd and MDSC to provide club support and to work with organisations such as Sport England.

Sport England are really keen to engage with female ice hockey and Matt has had some great success including funding the set-up of the Widnes Wild Women’s team as well as ice time and equipment programmes in Peterborough and Coventry.  They have a grant programme called Small Grants which they would like as many women’s teams to apply for as possible and you can click here to download an example of a funding application.  Funding is available for ice time, equipment, development and coaches and Matt and his team will complete all the paperwork for you.  All the money goes directly to the club however Matt is there to support delivery and end of programme reporting.

There is also a funding programme called Sportivate which Sport England are targeting at getting young women between 14 and 25 into sport.  This funding pays for ice time hire, marketing and coaches as part of a six week learn to play course.  Again, you can click here to download an example of a funding application form and Matt has had a video produced to promote this funding for ice hockey – see above.  This funding is ideal for getting women back into ice hockey or helping them transition from public skating to playing ice hockey.  A number of clubs and rinks have run these courses successfully over the past year.

Essentially all women’s clubs should get at least one Sport England small grant every year and run at least two funded learn to play programmes.  As you can see from the application forms there is nothing deep or probing about the applications and Matt and his team are on hand to support you fully – literally all you need to do is provide costs and make sure you have some basic accounts (and if you’re setting up a new club you don’t even need accounts – just a development plan which Matt can write for you).

To contact Matt please email him on or call him on 07951 936 862.  Matt is really keen to help and will do everything he can to help you get funding.

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