Silver won’t tell of points pursuit

Four-goal Tigers skipper Jason Silverthorn has dismissed talk of the shrinking points gap to the leading teams in the English Premier League.

Silverthorn scored a hat-trick in Saturday’s 8-4 win over Sheffield, before snatching another goal in Sunday’s 8-3 success at home to Hull.

Those wins mean Telford are now joint-top of the form table, alongside Guildford, and a point behind fifth-placed Swindon in the overall standings.

The Tigers also have games in hand over those sides immediately above them – but Silverthorn is refusing to take those spare matches into account.

He said: “You can’t worry about games in hand. Those things come along at the end of the season, but right now we’ve just got to worry about every game being a win.

“We need to take it game by game, or period by period. When you’re trying to win a championship, you have to take baby steps all the time and go from there.

“The biggest thing is that we need to get stronger every game and go on some winning streaks. That way we’ll start to catch up with the guys at the top.”

Silverthorn’s form since returning from injury has co-incided with an upturn for Telford, who have now won eight of their last nine games.

He added: “It felt good to score at the weekend and to contribute offensively, as that’s what I’m here for. For me, the biggest thing was the team getting four points.

“As long as someone in the side is scoring goals and we’re winning, then it’s all good.”

Those wins last weekend came despite The Tigers having a deleted defensive line-up, with three senior players missing through injury.

That placed extra emphasis on Telford’s remaining senior defencemen, alongside contributions from the attacking ranks.

“We’re making sure that when the puck’s in our zone, we help out down low and get it out quicker,” Silverthorn said.

“That helps to relieve pressure and also, hemming the other team in their zone for long periods gets them tired and gives the guys a break.”

The Tigers are back in action this weekend, when they travel to Swindon on Saturday, before the visit of Manchester Phoenix to Shropshire on Sunday (6pm).

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