Roberts Ready For Dragons

Dragons returnee Bryn Roberts has been training six days a week in preparation for next season’s Laidler Conference challenge.

The defenceman is likely to spend just the first half of the season in Deeside, as he awaits the completion of his visa to live in Canada. 

But with the opening four months set to prove crucial to The Dragons’ title bid, Roberts is determined to have a lasting effect on the club’s fortunes.

He said: “I am really excited about coming back next season, even if it’s only until Christmas. Some of my closest friends, as well as my brother are here, so it was an easy decision.

“My target is to win games for this club and help the team early on. That way, we can get some important points for the end of the season.

“Deeside is my home town club, so I am totally committed to doing whatever I can to make sure we win something. That is why I have been in the gym, six days a week. 

“I have been working on heavy weights, plyometrics, strength and conditioning, and cardio. I will be fitter than ever when the season gets underway.”

Roberts’s record at Deeside means he is likely to be a senior figure in The Dragons changing room next season, as well as on the ice.

The 24-year-old is happy to take on that responsibility, in what has already been labelled a ‘team full of leaders’.

He added: “There are a couple of new players here, as well as my old friend Matt Wainwright, who is returning from Widnes.

“Already, we have got the nucleus of a very good squad. Most of the guys are senior players so we will have a lot of experience.

“When you’re pushing with teams at the top of the table, you need some calm heads on the ice, to keep things on an even keel.

“From what Lol has told me, we will have a team with much more depth and energy than before. The Dragons are going to be a tough opponent for any team in the league.”


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