Robby Sandrock Answers Your Questions!

Stena Line Belfast Giants Defenceman, Robby Sandrock will skate onto the Odyssey Arena ice on Saturday 7th September 2013 for the opening Elite League game of the season for his 3rd season as a Giant. The 35 year old Canadian posted 17 goals and 29 assists last season, good for 46 points overall.

A GIANT thank you to all who entered questions for ‘Ask Sandrock’ on Facebook and Twitter, here are the questions that we selected and put to Robby:

What got you interested in ice hockey? – Emma Davey

I think just growing up in a small town in Canada, it’s what everyone does. My Mom is a figure skating coach so I was always at the arena but there was no way I was wearing figure skates!

Was there any player/person who inspired you to play hockey? – Michael

There wasn’t anyone that inspired me to start playing hockey, however one of my minor hockey coaches, Gerald Overton, helped me become the person and hockey player I am today. When I was growing up, Cam Neely was my favourite player and why I always wore #8 when I was young.

Why do you wear #6? Does it have a special meaning for you? – Gemma McClean

When I was in junior hockey I always wore 8 until I got to Medicine Hat. 8 was retired and I had to choose a new number. I have always tried to wear 6 since then, if 6 is taken then I wear 8.

Had you not played professional ice hockey, what would you have done with your life? – Michael

Thats a tough question. I probably would have done what most people do in my home town, either work in the logging industry or mining industry.

If you could recruit ONE former Giants team mate to play with… who would it be & why? – Thomas Brown

This is a toss up between Dave Matsos and my ‘roomie’ from last season, Noah Clarke. Both exceptional people and great hockey players.

Why didn’t you pass Paxton the puck more when you played with him? – Paxton Schulte (Belfast Giants 2000-2004!)

Packer, I would have passed you the puck more often but you were always in the penalty box, same reply goes for Keefer (Adam Keefe) now!

With having the role as Assistant Captain, what do you do to keep team morale high? – Michael

I think as an assistant captain I try to keep everyones emotions even, never too high or too low. Whether that is speaking up in the locker room in front of everybody or pulling a guy aside and talking to him privately. There’s 20 different personalities in the locker room. We as Captains try to make sure everyone is ready to play at their best every game.

What’s your favourite place in Belfast? (apart from the Odyssey Arena) – Caroline

It’s definitely not the University libraries! I think anywhere in the city centre when lots of people are out enjoying the city and what it has to offer. It’s a great atmosphere down there.

What is your favourite NHL team and why? – Emma Davey

I’d have to say the Vancouver Canucks, only for the reason that it’s my home province team and all my friends back home support them.

Have you ever had your slapshot speed recorded? If so how fast was it ? – Phillip Armstrong

I did a few years ago, 164.5 km per hour. I’m not sure if the radar gun was accurate though as at Wally’s testimonial I was recorded significantly lower! I believe ‘G’ (Gareth Roberts) has the hardest shot on the team.

How does the atmosphere in the O improve the way you play? – Niall

The atmosphere at the O is huge, it’s hard to explain though. Anyone who watched one of our games in Edinburgh as opposed to playing at the O will be able to tell you what the O means to the players and how it improves the way we play.

Last season, what was your favourite goal and why? – Caitlyn Hunter

My favourite goal last season was Kevin Saurette’s tying goal in the playoff final. It gave us a chance to win the game. Unfortunately we didn’t but it was the biggest goal of our season.

With the season fast approaching, how do you think the Giants are shaping up? – John

I think the team is shaping up quite well. The Bash Brothers (Keefe & Lloyd) are back along with Gars (Mark Garside), Murph’s paw (Stephen Murphy) is back so we have the law on our side which is nice. The all time Giants leading scorer is back is Sheds (Colin Shields) as well. Saurette is back which is a huge bonus for us, he could have picked any team he wanted in this league he is that good. The guy that scored ‘THE GOAL’ is a pretty great player from what I hear! I think ‘G’ will play a big role in our success this season as well and the young gun Robbie Brown will give us youth and energy and hopefully score some big goals for us. The defensive core is a great mix of size, skill and experience. We can’t forget Dicko (Andrew Dickson), he keeps improving and has dedicated himself this summer in preparation for the upcoming season. I think with our new coach we will play a style of hockey that more entertaining while still generating the results the fans expect!


Thanks for all the questions! I’m looking forward to getting back to Belfast and i’ll see you all Saturday September 7th at the O!

– Robby Sandrock

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