REPORT: Islanders 3 – 9 Stars

Oxford City Stars won 9-3 in a crushing victory over the Peterborough Islanders with a stunning five goals from man of the match Alan Green, a hat-trick from Michael Whillock and one from Josh Florey.

As with games between the two sides traditionally, it was a tough physical start to the game between the two teams. Both teams took penalties early with Alan Green penalized for the Stars for slashing while James Pentecost took a roughing penalty. It was a solid start to the game with free flowing hockey, so it was a surprise when Stars took the lead from Mike Whillock with what was clearly a soft goal as Peterborough’s netminder failed to cleanly take the puck which then dribbled over the line.

Islanders equalized shortly after with a good team goal after James Skaife made a good save but was unable to save the rebound. The hosts looked to push and try and lead the game, but Stars managed to get the game back under their control and Whillock scored a great individual goal to retake the lead for the Stars and end the first period 2-1.

The second period was dominated by the Stars and Alan Green in particularly but the main talking point was a controversial penalty shot awarded by Referee Ian Hayden. After a long delay, the shot finally took place and James Skaife pulled off a solid stop, which was a key turning point in the game.

Alan Green and Mike Whillock both scored in the second period to make it 5-2 at the end of the second. After that, the third period was somewhat a procession with Whillock and Green again combining and ending in a 9-3 win.

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