Raiders sign Slavomir Buda

Whilst the season has started with many positives for the London Raiders we are aware that possession and shots on goal have not been converting into results. We hope to be heading towards an improvement in this areas as we announce the signing of Slovakian forward Slavomir Buda

At 6’2” and 201lb this 25 year old left shooting left winger brings some additional size to the team.

A product of the youth team at HKM Zvolen Slavo played with that organisation’s youth teams through to 2012 when he switched to HC Detva in the Slovakian 2 league. Whilst there he also had call ups to Zvolen’s Slovakian 1 league.

Slavomir is described as a hard worker assisted by an athletic build and a consistent point scorer year on year, as opposed to a “one season wonder” assisted by star line mates. A points tally not lower than 23 nor higher than 34 in a 6 year period would bear out that assessment.

All the stats in the world tell you little compared with personal recommendations and Raiders have signed Slavomir largely based on recommendations of those that have experienced his play. We are certain that he will be popular with the fans but unpopular with the Lee Valley maintenance team responsible for changing the goal judges red light.

Welcome Slavo, we look forward to witnessing your first salvo!

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