Raiders miss chance for quick revenge

After the one goal defeat in Gillingham last weekend the Raiders were keen to take advantage of Invicta’s player shortages. Still missing Webster, Fowler, Lillis, Jackson and Ralph the early action suggested this would be Raiders opportunity for their second win of the season over second placed Kent side.

Despite heavily outshooting the visitors the Raiders found Invicta’s MOM netminder on good form and he managed to limit the Raiders to three goals. At the opposite end Euan King conceded on four occasions including a bizarre rebounding game winning fourth marker.

Tempers flared on a number of occasions during the fiercely contested game, notably with Alan Lack objecting to Zoziak’s challenge which took JJ Pitchley off ice for 30 minutes of so. Adam Rehak also exchanged words and blows with several players and contested the title of most penalised player of the evening with Arran Strawson.

Goals from Brandon Miles, JJ Pitchley and Ziggy Beesley were not enough to counter those from Invicta and the Raiders travel to Milton Keynes today (Sunday 29th January) to try to break the mini losing streak and steady their recent slide down the league table

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