PLAYER REACTION: Deeside Dragons


MVP Bobby Caunce, Calum Ruddick, Shaun Dippnall and Chris Preston feature after a 17-goal thriller in North Wales.

Bobby Caunce, MVP, #77, Forward

Losing a game after scoring 7 goals is hard to take for any team but I think we worked well as a team as this was only our 2nd league game together with 2 new players making their Widnes debut playing against a side where the majority of there team have played together for many years. I thought we took our chances when we got them but so did Deeside. We looked good in the attacking zone, on the power play and short handed but we have a lot to work on defensively and that’s not a dig at our defenders, its all of us defending as a unit, back checking and our physical side of the game all need improving. Our fitness levels are good and hopefully with our off ice and on ice training we will only get fitter which will help us in the later stages of the games were a lot of teams will struggle with fatigue. We have a couple of weeks to work hard at training now and to try and put right our wrongs before our next game. If we can do this I am confident we can pick up our first win of the season.

Calum Ruddick, #19, Defence

It was obviously disappointing to score 7 goals and not get the two points, and with Deeside being my former team the defeat hurts that bit more. But there was some positives to take away from the game and things to work on in training, and to make sure when we play Sheffield we don’t leave with anything less then a win.

Shaun Dippnall, #93, Forward

Overall I think we had a pretty good game. But like the first time we played Deeside we lost focus for small parts of the game and they punished us for it. There’s still plenty we can improve and I’m sure after two weeks of hard work at training we will be looking to pick up our first points in Sheffield.

Chris Preston, #47, Forward

Clarky was fantastic on the weekend as we all knew he would be, he has great hands but without the ego and always creates something when he is on the ice. With Bob being able to go back as a forward he was also excellent and was a well deserved MVP. Overall, I am still really disappointed and slightly angry at the game. It was a match I was confident we could win and I know most of the lads feel the same. We can’t however make excuses for our selves and for example, blame that terrible display of refereeing. We have the talent & the set up so that we can take points from teams such as Deeside, the local derby side of things is starting to heat up between the two teams now and we have to make sure we beat Deeside when they come to our rink.

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