Play-off tickets news

English Premier League champions Telford Tigers will start their play-off campaign at home on March 22nd (7.45pm).

This year’s tournament will see two quarter-final groups of four fight it out for places at the Coventry play-off weekend in April.

Telford’s other home play-off games will be played on March 25th (5.30pm) and April 2nd (6pm).

Final groupings are still to be decided, although as champions, Telford will play the fourth, fifth and eight placed sides.

Tigers coach Tom Watkins said: “This year it is a six-game series to get through to the finals, so it is much harder to win.

“There will be a lot of intensity over those two weeks, so injuries and suspensions are sure to play a part.

“The final four weekend is a lot of fun. We‘ve got to make sure we work hard and make sure we get to Coventry.”

Tickets for these games are not included on season tickets.

Holders of season tickets will, however, have priority to book their seats for these games at

From 9am on Tuesday, March 7th, until 9am on Monday, March 12th, they can buy tickets using the promo code that was issued for the EPL Cup semi-final.

For a reminder, holders should email with their details.

From 9am on Monday, March 12th, all seats will go on general sale.

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