Phillips Joins Phillips on the Blueline

The Giants snuck in a very key signing into the festivities at their season ticket holder event on Thursday Night by announcing the signing of Kevin Phillips, the older brother of current Giant Davey Phillips.  Kevin returns to the Giants after three seasons with the Braehead Clan.  This is the second stint in Belfast for Kevin who won a playoff title with the Giants in 2010 under coach Steve Thornton.  He then was scooped up by Braehead where he has solidified his reputation as a reliable defender who can be counted on to play a lot of minutes in any situation.

“Kevin was an excellent defender for us back in 2010,” explained Todd Kelman, “he ended up playing a very key role in our playoff championship run.”

“I have kept my eye on him over the last few seasons and we need to add another non-import defenceman and to me, Kevin is a perfect fit for us.

“I know what he can do and what he has done in this league.  He is very reliable and he has matured into a great player.  We are lucky to have him and I have to admit that having the opportunity to play on a team again with his brother was a key factor in his decision to return to Belfast.”

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