Phantoms At Home With Cross Keys

The DALROD sponsored Peterborough Phantoms Ice Hockey Club is pleased to announce that one of their longest standing sponsors, will be returning again as sponsors for the 8th consecutive year running.

Cross Keys Homes is once again sponsoring the Peterborough Phantoms to continue giving young people a chance to get involved in the sport and be active.

As part of the sponsorship deal, Cross Keys Homes’ tenants’ children are able to participate in a free monthly ice skating session with the Phantoms’ players to learn more about the sport.

Carrie Marketing manager for the Peterborough Phantoms, said: “We are delighted to again be working with Cross Keys Homes.

“At the heart of our loyalties lies the community in which we are a part of and it is fantastic to be able spend time with these children and families in giving inspiration and helping them to develop an interest in the sport.

Cross Keys Homes’ tenants will also be able to benefit from receiving discounted home match tickets to certain games as part of this sponsorship arrangement.

Carrie added: “The game of ice hockey is fast, energetic and fun and we are hoping the discounted tickets will help us to increase our support base further and look forward to welcoming Cross Keys Homes’ residents to the matches.”

Cross Keys Homes’ chief executive, Mick Leggett, said: “We are very pleased to be sponsoring the Peterborough Phantoms again and wish them all the very best for their 2013/14 season.”

“This special sponsorship deal started in 2005 after a survey of our residents revealed there was a lack of things for youngsters to do so we decided to try something different and sponsor the Peterborough Phantoms. Over the years, thanks to this sponsorship arrangement, we have seen our free monthly ice skating session grow significantly in attendance numbers and have had many tenants taking advantage of the discounted home match tickets.”

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