Paul Donohoe returns to the Stars!

Oxford City Stars are delighted to announce that Stars legend Paul Donahoe has joined the team staff for the rest of the season to provide input and assist Head Coach Darren Elliott.

Donohoe, who holds the record for most league games played for the Stars (265), joined the club in 1987 and played through to 2002 before coming out of retirement to ice also in the 2005-06 and 2006-07 seasons. A solid and productive forward, he averaged over a point a game for his entire career.

Speaking about the position, Donohoe remarked “I’m excited and a little saddened to be back involved with the Stars. Excited because of the prospects ahead, both with helping the Stars hopefully to another league winning season and also the opportunity to continue into next season. I’m saddened because hockey has been a huge part of my life and being asked to come back and help gives me a realization that I should never have been away.

My hopes for the remainder of the season are that Darren and I can work together to ensure a great team ethic on and off the ice, whilst utilizing my experience to help individual players achieve their potential and produce their best at all times. My hope is that I can give back to a sport that gave me such an enjoyable and fulfilling life.”

Stars Head Coach, Darren Elliott commented: “This season, there’s been a lot of teams who have been seeing us a main threat and playing and running the bench has been harder than I initially thought.

Last couple of games, when he’s not been playing James Skaife has been running the bench which has been successful. This lead me to thinking about bringing a bench coach on board. Since mid-December, I’ve been thinking about the right person to bring on board and Paul is the perfect person for us.

Paul is a great guy, he coached me a junior and I learnt so much from playing alongside him. Through all that I’ve got to know him very well and consider him to be a great friend.

Knowing Donny he is a strong, opinionated person and will not hesitate to act for the good of the club. I’ve got a tremendous of respect for him. Some of the team already know him and some not but I know he will gain their respect over the next few months”

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