Partner: B2C Announces Diamond Blueprint

B2C Jewels announces the Diamond Blueprint, an innovative new feature to its website that has the potential to revolutionize the way consumers shop for diamonds online.

Many online jewelers offer lab certified diamonds. Some may even provide a digital image. B2C Jewels takes the concept of diamond information as a sales tool further than any other online jeweler by offering the new Diamond Blueprint. The Diamond Blueprint includes independent lab certification, a detailed diagram of the diamond’s proportions, a “hearts and arrows” image to demonstrate symmetry, spectral images so customers can determine a diamond’s light play and optical performance, as well as a high resolution digital photograph of the actual diamond that reveals microscopic clarity characteristics.

Leveraging their position as diamond manufacturers and wholesalers, B2C Jewels employs a cache of sophisticated gemological services including lab certificates, Ideal-Scope and ASET imagery, and more to paint a complete picture of an individual diamond for the consumer to peruse prior to purchasing.

In the initial launch, many diamonds available for purchase on the B2C Jewels website will be accompanied by a Diamond Blueprint. In the weeks to follow, this service will grow to include detailed Diamond Blueprints for thousands of individual diamonds. Learn more…

Neil Tucker

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