Own one of the game-worn cup jerseys – no replicas will be made!

As many of you will have noticed the club recently moved into new territories and brought out a new ‘Cup Kit’, provided to us by the good people at Kukri Sports.

We are delighted to be able to announce that these game-worn shirts will be made available to own to our loyal supporters.

kukri pic 1

Right, how do you go about it?

Firstly, there was only 22 Shirts made, there are no replicas so they really are a Collectors Item.

They are available to own for £70.00, which also includes a photo with the respective player where you will have the opportunity to have the shirt signed.

We propose that you email Dean Worrall (Corporate Sponsorship Team) sponsorship@blackburnhawks.com with the shirt or shirts that you are interested in and we will draw out the winners.

Now, here’s the twist!

As we will undoubtedly have multiple people interested in each shirt, in the interest of fairness we intend to film the draw via our fantastic media team and make it available online.  More details of this process will follow soon.

Below is a list of the players shirts that are available – should you win more than one in the draw you will be expected to honour the sale and pay.  If you are concerned about this then we suggest you just apply for just one shirt making it more of an open contest for the rest.


#3 Chris Butler
#5 Matt Viney
##8 Aaron Davies
#11 Jordan Bannon
#13 Andy Dunn
#15 David Meikle
#18 Ric Ravey
#19 Dan MacKriel
#21 Ollie Lomax
#22 Chris Arnone
#23 Tom King
#25 Danny Brittle
#26 Adam Brittle
#28 James Riddoch
#31 Stuey Ashton
#44 Max Drakeley
#47 Kim Miettinen
#67 Ben Simister
#70 Lee Pollitt
#91 Rick Bentham
#90 The Fans
#96 RJay Berra


All entries must be in by 5pm Friday 27th November.

Good Luck!

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