Own and Loan Update

All of the shirts for the currently announced DALROD Peterborough Phantoms 2013-14 squad have been released into the Own and Loan Scheme. The current status of the shirt sales as of the 22nd October is show below.

Available shirts can be ordered from the Phantoms on Match nights, as well as by emailing Carrie Buckman at Carrie@PeterboroughPhantoms.com.

Shirts are still available for:

James White Away
James White Warm Up
Bradley Moore Away
Bradley Moore Warm Up
Alex Whyte Away
Alex Whyte Warm Up
Jozef Sladock Home
Jozef Sladock Away
Jozef Sladock Warm Up
Tom Soar Away
Tom Soar Warm Up
Erik Piatak Away
Thomas Murdy Away
Thomas Murdy Warm Up
Frantisek Zubek Away
Frantisek Zubek Warm Up


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