Own and Loan – MARC LEVERS

Today see’s the DALROD sponsored Peterborough Phantoms Marc Levers being added to the clubs Own and Loan Scheme for the 2013-14 season.

Own and Loan allows supporters to purchase a players shirt, which that player will wear for the season before handing over to the owner at the end of season awards night.

This season each shirt has a set price. This pricing is tiered based on the player concerned. Supporters can buy a shirt via the Phantoms Official Website, and the first bid  for each shirt will win the shirt. Payment can be made via cash, cheque or electronic bank transfer.

The Buyer can either pay in full by the 1st August, or split the payments into 3 equal installments, payable on the 1st of Aguust, September and October.

The available shirts are Home (White), Away (Red) and Warm-Up (Design to be confirmed). All players are available apart from Marcel Petran, as the VIP Player Share Scheme have his 3 shirts.

A new players shirt will go up for sale at 9pm each night.

Wednesday 17th July: James FERRARA

Home – SOLD

Away £150

Warm-Up £75

Thursday 18th July: Marc LEVERS

Home £150

Away £150

Warm-Up £75


Next Shirts to be released:
Friday 19th July at 9pm: Damien KING (£150 / £75)
Saturday 20th July at 9pm: Nicky WATT (£150 / £75)
Sunday 21st July at 9pm: Frantisek ZUBEK (£150 / £75)
Monday 22nd July at 9pm: Luke FERRARA  (£150 / £75)
Tuesday 23rd July at 9pm: Declan BALMER (£100 / £50)

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