One Out, One In for Raiders

Anyone involved / following this sport for a period of time will appreciate that getting the life balance of career / personal and hockey time to work is individual and often difficult.

It is with that in mind we need to announce that Ross Connolly will not be returning to the Raiders following his Christmas break in Scotland with his family. An apprenticeship opportunity has arisen for him and I think we all appreciate for his long term prospects he needs to focus on this.

Ross will be missed by the team and he proved to be an excellent hockey pick up that for us appeared completely off the radar. We thank him and wish him well in his career and both the Raiders and Ross would have no hesitation in seeing him in the Gold and Blue in the future if circumstances allow that to happen.

The London Raiders are pleased to announce a speedy response to the recent loss of Ross Connolly from the team’s defensive ranks.

This experienced D’man last saw action with the Raiders in their final EPL season as coach Jesse Hamill introduced him with his Peterborough contacts. During the previous season he had been part of the Phantoms triple winning squad and coach Hamill realised he would do a great job for the Raiders. We allude of course to the hugely experienced and well respected Andy Munroe.

The 6’1” 34 year old blue liner had over 400 games in the EPL till a house move forced him to drop a level where he has played for the Billingham Stars in the NIHL1 (North) for three seasons.
Andy left the fated Raiders after 33 games and header to Slough where he picked up play off and cup winners medals over the two seasons at the club. Two seasons as a popular and well rated blue liner followed at Bracknell before his relocation saw him play for Billingham for 3 seasons where his “calming influence” saw him become their assistant captain.

Another relocation prevented a 4th season at Billingham but for our good fortune sees Andy able to ice for the Raiders again and news of his availability and interest were acted on quickly by the Raiders who are delighted to have agreed terms and look to take his Elite Prospects profile well over the 700 game mark that he is approaching.

Munroe, a Computer Science Graduate from Hull University was pleased to add.

“I am excited to be back playing hockey and back with the Raiders. I have taken time away from the game since I relocated in the summer and started a new job role as I live in Peterborough now and can’t commit to EPL hockey. I know a few of the guys pretty well. Jules from Phantoms, Lacky from Bracknell and Euan is a close friend I have known for years. I am looking forward to getting started and get the rust off and help the team for the rest of the season”

Welcome back Andy, and thanks also to the EIHA for their quick action on this to ensure he plays this weekend.

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