Ollie’s Army Are On Their Way

Even though the team have a double header weekend with fixtures this week it’s not too much trouble for the guy’s to attend an event for a longstanding fan.

Sadly Andy Smith (Silverfox) was diagnosed with MS back in 2015 and he will be celebrating his 50th Birthday on Saturday Night at Ingol Golf Club. His Wife Hazel contacted the club asking if Andy’s favourite player Ollie Lomax could come along to the event and maybe bring some more of the team. Ollie being Ollie didn’t hesitate to say yes even though we have a busy weekend, not only is he going but he’s taking the team with him and they’ll go straight after the game against Billingham on Saturday.

The Clubs PR and Media Manager Graham Lomax commented:

“ I never thought for one minute Ollie would ever even question it, that’s him through and through, it’s one of the reasons he was chosen to lead the side, he always puts others first and that’s what makes him the Man he is, and makes him different from others, it’s things like this that constantly make us extremely proud of him”

Ollie himself said:

“I’m overwhelmed at the offer to attend, of course I’ll be there and so will the boy’s, why wouldn’t I, yes we have a big weekend but that pales into insignificance doesn’t it?, I’ll be there with bells on. It’s nice to be asked and it’s nice that we can do this for our fans and especially Andy, it’s things like this that show what a club we are, we take so much for granted every day, and this is why I preach to the guy’s about our club, this is Blackburn Hawks, this is us, and this is what we do, it’s a pleasure and a privilege, Happy Birthday Andy, see you there”

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