OFFICIALS: rules challenge – you make the call!

We’re delighted to introduce a new feature here on – in association with our friends in the EIHA Referee Section each week we will present some rules questions and occasionally video clips and simply ask – what call would you make?

The following week we will supply the answers along with reference to IIHF Rulebook or casebook and the EIHA in-house rules where appropriate.

If you want to have a go at the questions you can email your answers to and we will feature some of the best (or worst!) replies.  You can also use this email if you want to suggest or request rules topics to cover in future editions.

So without further delay, here’s the first questions – YOU make the call!

Question 1:
If you have a delayed penalty signaled but the end buzzer for the game goes, do you record the penalty?

Question 2:
The on ice strength is Team A 3 players and Team B 5 players as a result of minor penalties to Team A. Team B score at the exact time as the first minor penalty expires for Team A. Does the player serving the second minor penalty have to stay in to serve the rest of his penalty or can he come out due to the goal being scored?

Question 3:
A penalised player does not go directly to the penalty box. What should you assess?

Question 4:
Watch this video clip – simple question – goal or no goal?

Thanks to our Head of Training & Development Joy Johnston for the questions, we’ll post the answers and second set of rules conundrums next Friday.

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