NIHL Radio Launched Today

Today sees the launch of a brand new internet broadcasting service aimed specifically at NIHL ice hockey clubs and their supporters.

Basically, NIHL Radio offers teams the facility to provide live commentary from their matches without incurring the various costs and other technological hurdles normally involved in setting up an audio stream.

Already signed up for next season are Blackburn Hawks, Whitley Warriors and Billingham Stars from the NIHL North Moralee Conference and Deeside Dragons and Widnes Wild from the Laidler Conference.

The organisers are looking for more teams from NIHL North and South to get involved and you can initially find more information here:

I recorded an interview with Oz Phillips from NIHL Radio to go out on our “Paul & Lucy’s Best Kept Secrets” radio show on 103.2 Preston FM next Saturday but you can hear it right now by looking here:

You can also follow the development of NIHL Radio on Facebook:

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