NIHL Division 1 in for Tight Finale

The NIHL division 1 season is a tight fit at the top of the standings and from their very team is fighting for supremacy. The Solway sharks and the Streatham IHC are fighting for first overall, just separated by five points. Meanwhile, the Milton Keynes thunder are in last place with 9 total points. 

Solway and Streatham are two exact clubs, scoring a high number of goals while giving up very few. Solway has scored 151 goals and Streatham has 164. Stratham has given up 62 games hike Solway has given up 70. The clubs both have incredible +\- stats as well, Solway at +81 and Streatham at an unheard of +102. 

The next best teams in the league are the Whitley warriors and slough jets. While they don’t hold a candle to the Solway and Streatham teams they both are very good clubs. Whitley is third overall and slough is fourth. 

The offensive powerhouse Solway team is led in points by left winger Peter Gapa, who has an incredible 27 goals and 25 assists for 52 points in only 17 games. By far the best in his team gapa is in a league of his own. 

The most intriguing part of the rest of the season is going to be which tier 2 team, the ones on the bubble of making the playoffs, is going to make a run and qualify when everyone thought they were out of it. 

For the teams out of it, but looking for answers, how do they finish the season? Do they look ahead to next season and the roster they have now? The only thing the teams out of it have to play for is pride. 

Can the Milton Keynes Thunder rebound next season after an unheard 9 point season? How do they retool and who do they bring back to try and turn this season around?  A lot of changes could be had in Milton Keynes as we wonder if head coach Antti Kohvakka  and general manager Lauren Cox will be back as well.

Which coaches are on the hot seat and coaching for a job next season? Which players are currently fighting for jobs, not only in their current teams but other teams of they are not re-signed?

A lot of questions facing teams as we March towards the end of the season. An exciting finish as we could see one or both Solway Sharks and  Streatham IHC competing for the championship.

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