NEWS: ‘The tide is changing for the coaching of goalies’ – Euan King reviews Corsi seminar and launch of GK1

July 10, 2019

“The tide is changing when it comes to coaching goalies,” says Euan King, the EIHA’s Technical Director for Netminding.

Last weekend the Association held a successful seminar featuring NHL goalie coach Jim Corsi who delivered video, classroom and on-ice sessions for a number of goalies, players and coaches from across the country.

The Education Programme also launched their goalie-specific coaching unit, GK1, which continues to rollout this coming Sunday.

Euan King and colleagues from the Education Programme spent weeks developing the course content and in addition to Jim Corsi’s own sessions were able to put on a presentation on concussion and host round table Q&A sessions.

King said: “To be able to have someone with the resume of Jim Corsi come over to run a coaching seminar for the EIHA Goalie Program for our ‘coming out party’ was unbelievable.

“All of the presentations delivered by Jim were in-depth, funny and changed a lot of coaches’ thinking – including ours – when it comes to goaltending development.

“I’d like to thank Jim and the NHL Coaches Assocation for allowing this to happen as well as the EIHA Education Programme for their help in the planning and organisation.”

King was also proud that the GK1 – a specific unit to educate coaches on goalie coaching – came into being and was delivered for the first time last Sunday.

“The first ever GK1 is a watershed moment for goalie coaches here in the UK,” he said.

“The feedback we have had so far has been positive including from Jim himself.

“The goalie programme is alive and kicking, ignorance is no longer an excuse when it comes to goalies and the tide is changing.”

The GK1 is scheduled for Bracknell this Sunday (July 14), Romford on July 28 and Sheffield on August 31. Visit for details of the course and how to book.

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