NEWS: Slough fixtures postponed for this weekend

This weekend’s scheduled games at the new Slough rink have been postponed as the ice will not be ready in time at the temporary rink.

Steve English, Slough Jets director of operations, said: “When the process of laying the ice began earlier this week, it was found that the chiller units weren’t working properly.  One unit was only at 30% power while the other refused to work at all.

“An engineer has since arrived and fixed the chillers however the ice making is now behind schedule.

“The plant is running now at 100% and the Ice Rink Company are working around the clock to build the ice and get the rink open and a full programme underway.

“It is hoped that we will have access to the ice from Tuesday for junior and senior training.”

This weekend’s games will be rescheduled – they were at u13, u15, u18 and NIHL level as the Jets looked to host Cardiff on Saturday.

The temporary rink – built by The Ice Rink Company and managed by Silverblades – will allow hockey teams and other ice users to keep going while the main rink, known locally as The Hanger, undergoes a major refurbishment.

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